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DIY Strawberry Mojito Al's Flower Pouch

Hot summer days call for fresh, fruity cocktails and mocktails. And you can grow your own ingredients with Al's Flower Pouch and the Thirst Quencher watering spout.

What you need:

Step-by-step: Strawberry Mojito Al's Flower Pouch

  • Fill Al’s Flower Pouch with potting soil so that it reaches about a half inch from the top of the pouch

  • Insert Thirst Quencher watering spout down the centre of the pouch.

  • Lay your pouch on a flat surface, slit-side up, and fold the handle over the top. Press gently to flatten the back. This will help your pouch hang nicely against your wall, fence, balcony…wherever!

  • Insert one plant into each of the slits, and one or two in the top. We used a 6-hole pouch, with four strawberry plants on the bottom, and four mint plants in the top. If you're using a 10-hole pouch, try planting six strawberry plants and six mint plants (with two in the top).

  • Time to water! Pour water down the Thirst Quencher spout until it runs through the bottom of the pouch. Water once every other day or every day when the weather's hot and dry.

Ready for a fresh-made mojito?

Here's a recipe we like from Platings + Pairings. These ingredients make one serving, but if you visit their website, they have an option to adjust for a full pitcher. For a mocktail, just leave out the rum.

  • 4 medium strawberries (stemmed and roughly chopped)

  • 8 fresh mint leaves

  • 1/2 ounce simple syrup

  • Ice

  • 1 1/2 ounces white rum

  • 1 lime (juiced)

  • Soda water (for topping)

  • Mint sprigs (to garnish)

  • Lime wheels (to garnish)

Muddle the strawberries, mint and simple syrup in a tall glass with a spoon (preferably a wooden one). Then add ice, rum, and lime juice. Top with club soda and garnish with fresh mint and a lime wheel, if desired.


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