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The Perfect Niche Planter for Growers & Garden Centres

Al's Flower Pouch is suitable for a wide range of crops and lets growers and garden centres get creative with trends and new varieties while optimizing space in the greenhouse and expanding niche planter offerings.


  • Improve ROI by optimizing unused space in the greenhouse. Turn walls, under gutters and gable ends into productive, revenue generating space, without sacrificing other crops

  • Expand containerized produce offerings (leafy greens, tomatoes, strawberries, cucamelon, etc.)

  • Works with automated irrigation, and with unique Thirst Quencher watering spout Ideal niche planter for limited time special offers

  • Suitable for all kinds of annuals, tropicals, succulents, fall mums, herbs and leafy greens, strawberries, tomatoes, decorative chilies and more

  • Create Instagram-worthy spaces

  • Designed to ship the same way as flats and inserts

  • Save time with pre-filled pouches, delivered fresh by A.M.A.

  • Custom print pouches with company logo to amplify your brand (minimum orders apply)

  • Try our custom-built Al’s Hopper machine. Two people can fill up to 250 Al's Flower Pouches in one hour!

  • Ask us about bulk ordering our "Vertical Garden Packs" to sell at your retail centre

See how growers and garden centres are using Al's Flower Pouch on our Inspiration page.

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